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Choosing a destination is what starts all about – the first experiences with the tent I gathered more from necessity than from intention: the places I wanted to spend at least one night most often did not offer any accommodation or it was not appropriate for my budget. Only after a while I realized that raising a tent in a good company could be the source of countless memories and anecdotes that have been telling me for years, and that any and even the worst canning sardines have a completely different taste if it is shared with dear people in a beautiful place. But if you do not have a year for spontaneous discovery if you enjoy such a holiday, you have already decided to try camping here this season, and “wherever you go,” northwestern Istria is a great choice.

Although perhaps the first one seems to be completely unaware of which tent you choose for your camping, this is actually not true. There are many types of tents and each has its own specialty – some are easy to fold, one is ideal for the summer, the other for the winter, and the third is totally resistant to rain, some can fit only two people, while others can fit the whole family . After you choose where, when and with whom to camp, then choose to choose the tent and take the one that is tailored to your trip. When you choose a tent, do not forget the wedges and hammer – they will need you to be able to tighten your underlay tent well.

When you go camping, you will spend most of the day outdoors, so be sure to bring in spray pads with you to fight against the various boring attacks that will bite around you. Also, keep your tent closed to prevent insects from entering you. Always wear rope, armchairs, and headlights with you The same as the tarpaulin, and ropes, carabiners and lamps are incredibly useful items that are good at all times. You never know when you may need it, so you always wear at least one rope, one carabiner, and one lamp – in each case.

There is a simple rule: the hardest things go as close as possible to the back and the bottom of the backpack. For balance and ease of wear. Then go to clothing and footwear, bags with various accessories (for example, for personal hygiene), and at the top of things you often need: hat, camera, food … Put pens in the pockets of things that are small but necessary on the road, for example: water bottle, gas bottle, raincoat, map and compass, first aid, sweets … Of course, the size and type of rucksack will directly dictate the manner of packaging, but let this be just an example of how to do it.

What you should know

  • 100% be ready
  • Best stuff for your trips
  • Tons of equipment
  • Include your friends

The novice backpacker or
“just in case”

It is a version of the previous one, although in this case it is not so much its eagerness to go to the last but rather the ignorance and the mythical “in case”. I’m wearing two sunglasses, in case I lose some. Son, put one more rocket, if it refreshes. I take a more arranged set, in case I have an event … They are totally understandable thoughts but they end up becoming the kind of things that make us fill our backpacks too much. The backpack ends up weighing 20 kg and you see your carriers walking along the road with regret and effort.

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